Smith and Wesson Model 586 Double Action Revolver Tuning


The objective of the Smith and Wesson model 586 double action revolver turning job is to eliminate as much friction as possible.  1776 Gunsmithing LLC of Naples, FL does this with a number of different polishing tools ranging from files to stones and wheels.  

The trigger pull from the factory is very heavy and gritty, usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 or 13 pounds in double action, and 4 or 5 pounds in single action. Our objective with every gun is to drop it to 8 pounds in double action and 3 pounds in single action. This is a great pull weight for carry as well as target shooting. We thoroughly test fire each gun after our work to ensure that we do not have any issues firing before it is given back to the customer.

Parts of the firearm that we polish or radius

Trigger, sear, hand, hammer, Cylinder stop or bolt, Rebound slide and Spring, rebound slide strut, Hammer block/ transfer bar, yoke / crane, inside

Depending on the purpose for the firearm, we can replace the main spring and trigger return spring for an aftermarket mainspring and after market trigger return spring.  The cost is $100.00 with additional charges for aftermarket springs (usually an additional $15). 





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