Uberti 1866 “Yellowboy” Rifle Custom Mounted Scope & Rings

Last week, a new customer stopped by the shop for a scope mount. While a scope mount on most guns is a pretty fast, simple, and cheap job, this job was a little different. The gun, an unfired Uberti copy of the Winchester Model 1866 “Yellowboy,” had been a childhood dream gun of our customer; he had finally gotten his very own!

In order to complete the look of his favorite cowboy gun, though, he needed a 15” brass fixed power scope to be mounted to it. He provided us with the finished scope as well as two crudely cast brass scope rings. These rings are very different from what most shooters are used to in today’s gun market; the adjustments for windage and elevation are made on the scope rings themselves as there is no adjustment within the scope at all.

The inside of the rings had to be reamed, then the outside ground flat and polished. The barrel and receiver then had to be tapped and drilled to install the rings. After the scope was successfully mounted, we bore-sighted the scope in order to get our customer shooting close to the bullseye the first time he takes it to the range!