Custom Handloaded Brass Shotgun Black Powder Shotshells

We at 1776 Gunsmithing love working on and shooting all types of guns! While we usually don’t have the opportunity to work with guns over 100 years old, we have the knowledge and expertise to do so when we get the chance.

One of our gunsmiths owns a Colt 1883 Hammerless shotgun chambered in 10 Gauge. This gun was made in 1889 and had been hanging over his grandfather’s fireplace for as long as he can remember. Last year when his grandfather gave him the shotgun as a gift, he knew he had to shoot it.

After a thorough safety check, this Colt was determined to be safe to shoot under the correct conditions. This gun was initially made to fire brass shotshells filled with black powder. Unfortunately, these loads have not been produced in many years. 1776 Gunsmithing compiled the necessary components from the few outfitters that still manufacture the supplies for shooting these types of weapons before handloading the black powder shotshells to loading specifications from past research.