Custom Glock 30S

Our favorite red bearded gunsmith loves carrying his Glock 30S every day, but was growing jealous of all of the awesome customizations we have been doing to customers’ Glocks lately! He decided it was time for his carry piece to stand out against the crowd a bit.

Starting out by shaping his grip, he deepend the finger grooves on the front of the pistol and made two undercuts on the bottom side of the trigger guard, allowing for a more secure and higher hold on the pistol. After that was complete, he used the “jimmies” pattern to stipple all of the way around the grip, the magazine grip extension, and the undercuts, leaving the left side of the grip smooth so as to not irritate the body when carrying under the shirt. Front slide serrations were next, giving a slick look to the front of the gun while adding utility. The whole gun was then painted in Cerakote’s popular Burnt Bronze.

Be sure to stop in to 1776 Gunsmith while Glock customizing is still going strong here! We want some new ideas from our customers and would love to make your pistol the talk of your friends’!