KG Made Silencer Shoot

Come join us on Aug. 28th at Cecil M. Webb shooting range from 10am to 2pm. Try your hand at shooting some of the finest silencers available!

Test Firing an Inert Grenade Launcher @ 1776 Gunsmithing

Having some fun at the gun shop test firing a Inert Grenade Launcher.



Let us enhance your Glock Trigger Guard

Recently we had a customer come in with a band aid on his middle finger. When we asked what had happened he explained to us how he loved to shoot his Glock 19 but that after a few rounds the factory trigger guard would work its way into the flesh of his middle finger.

While we are not doctors and could do nothing about the current condition of his finger, we could and did fix the source of the problem.

We enhanced the trigger guard on his Glock by smoothing out and polishing the underside where his finger rested. Now, he can shoot it without the need for band aids.

Bring your Glock in and allow us to enhance your trigger guard so that you can better enjoy your shooting experience.

We Assemble Firearm Parts Kits

Do you have, or know someone with, a Firearms Parts Kit?

Let the experienced hands at 1776 Gunsmithing help you turn that pile of random metal parts into a functioning boom stick!

Stop delaying the build, utilize our Parts Kit Assembly Service.

We will put it all together for you so you can start enjoying your firearm.

Give 1776 a call at (239) 631-5191 or visit us online for more details.


Restore Your Firearms Finish

At 1776 Gunsmithing we provide many forms of firearm blueing.

One of the most economical options is our Hot Salt Blueing service, which starts at just $199

Allow 1776 to restore your firearms to their original luster and help protect their value.

Don’t allow rust to accumulate on your firearms, it will result in pitting and can even weaken the structural integrity of your firearm.

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Pro-Second Amendment Judge Joins U.S. Supreme Court

On Friday, the U.S. Senate voted to confirm Neil M. Gorsuch to the U.S. Supreme Court. Judge Gorsuch’s nomination was heavily backed by the NRA, both because of the pro-Second Amendment views expressed in his judicial writings and his originalist approach to jurisprudence. Justice Antonin Scalia exemplified originalism in his landmark Heller opinion in 2008 that recognized the Second Amendment protects an individual right grounded in the principle of self-defense.

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We will be closed on Friday, March 24th

Just wanted to give everyone an update to the update on our shop hours this week. We will be closed on Friday, March 24th due to other commitments.

Will be back in the shop Monday, from 10am to 4pm and will resume normal business hours on Tuesday, March 28th.


Notice of shop hours adjustment

Just wanted to take a moment and inform our valued clients that we are closing the shop early the next couple of business days.

We are scheduled to open normally at 10am. However, we will be closing at 4pm this Thursday, Friday and Monday. We will resume our normal business hours on Tuesday, March 28th.